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NRFB & Loose Misc. Older Dolls, Clothing, Accessories


NRFB (unless noted) /MIB MISC. DOLLS

Donny Osmond, box shows some wear MIB, 12" doll $45  

Jordache doll, 1981 Mego Corp , tear in cello $12

Sparkle Candi 18", 1979 Mego, color her hair & change her makeup - face starting to pale, cello pulling away , but not torn $25     

1972 Little Debbie 25th Anniversary 11" Doll Never removed from original shipping carton lid opens $40  

M Yu MIB with stand:   $15


American Character Tressy with Magic Make-up face: Very nice & unusual doll.  She has the very pale blonde hair which is almost platinum if you look at the scalp under the back of the hair.  Her grow hair piece is a wonderful original twisted bun - you can see the rotted rubberband still in the hair & there is also a bobby pin (original?).  Left eye paint is a little worn & she has a tiny mouse nip on left pinky toe & right foot has two dents across toes.  She has the poseable legs & her hair winding mechanism looks unused.   She has her original dress, but belt & key are missing $35
American Character Mary Make-Up: EC doll has nice champagne blonde hair, good makeup with peach lips (rub on top lip), body nice, no problems $10



Hasbro World of Love Flower in box: Red hair Flower doll has nice hair still in original flip, all lashes and makeup, but face has lightened.  Wearing original blue flower print peasant dress.  Legs hold pose but have light soil spots and small green dots at knees.  Window type box is in good condition with good graphics.  Box shows some soil, back of box  is slightly warped like it got wet $25

Hasbro Charlie’s Angels Jill (Farrah):  White blonde hair is a little frizzy, could use a condition.  Wearing EC+ original white jumpsuit and navy boots $20

Hasbro Aimee: 18” doll from 1972.  Similar to the Ideal Crissy, but thinner. See p. 68 of Dolls of the 1960s & 1970s by Sabulis.  Doll sold nude $10

Hasbro Rock ‘n Curl Jem: Has all hair in ponytail.  Blonde portion is somewhat frizzy.  Body has no problems - nude, no earrings $2

Ideal Kerry (“Crissy’s Irish Cousin”): Doll has the silver blonde hair & the unusual green eyes with flecks.  Hair grow mechanism still works.  Entire ponytail is done in a horsetail? braid.  Doll has green eyeshadow, pink lips, all lashes.  Looks like 2 small nicks out of the iris of the right eye.  Face looks slightly faded.  Left arm swingy, right arm not as much, tiny dent in right toe. $20

Ideal Pepper #1:   dark blonde hair, watermelon lips (with a little rub on upper lip) with blush and a rub on the left eye. She has soft hair, but some slight dirt on left arm that you can feel. $14

Ideal Pepper #3:  Dark blonde hair, all cut short, some finger tips missing $2

Kenner Darci:  Red hair Darci with gorgeous soft hair.  Doll has small green dot on forehead and 2 scrapes on chin (probably a mouse nip) with a teeny green dot by the scrape.  Legs and arms bend, no pricks; couple of light gray spots on outer left arm.  Nude $14

Knickerbocker "AMY" Holly Hobbie's friend - 1970s, Rag Doll about 8" all original, EC $5

Marx Sindy: Blonde doll with ponytail elastic melted to hair.  Wearing original black/flower print dress with lace collar, original panties & slip.  Doll has the rooted & painted lashes.  Both legs click 3 times, both arms hold pose.  Melt marks around arm hole opening where dress had melted to it. $20

Mattel Rockflower Heather: Doll has sunglasses still attached, arms & legs bend, no green.  There are very light chew marks/dings on right forearm/hand & 2 pinprick size dents on forehead.  Wearing original jumper (orange top with print bell bottom pants) & scarf & orange shoes  $14

Mattel Sister SmallTalk:

Mattel Windy Fliddle Kiddle
 Mint airplane, yellow top version or separately: Airplane $20

Mattel Babe Biddle Kiddle:
    Doll has haircut to bob length & green from lower lip down to groin $1
    Gingham jumper, light soil, Red jacket with white vinyl collar, has all buttons, tabs EC+, blue head scarf  $12
   Car, has steering wheel, but no windshield.  I believe the front wheels are replaced as they are different
       than the back & they don’t roll. $10

Mattel Liddle Middle Muffet Kiddle
Liddle Middle Muffet Booklet in great shape, slight fading at edge, two tape marks on back, cutout version $14

Mego Farrah #1:  2nd Version doll with ash blonde (not grayish) hair color.  Hair in NM original set - unbrushed with flyaways.  Perfect face.  Nice body with blue spot on both sides of left shin bone & inside of right shin bone.  Wearing a 2 piece white cami/panty set.  $40  

Mego Farrah #2: All lashes, face makeup.  All hair, but is somewhat frizzy in original style - ash blonde color.  Green spot covering left elbow & ankle & small green dot outside left calf.  Light melt marks around leg & arm openings, but all joints moveable. $12

Swiss Miss Advertising Doll:  soft, stuffed Swiss Miss doll in mint condition.  In original unsealed plastic bag.  Dated 1977.  Doll has yellow yarn hair in braids and a removeable dress & apron -cute $10


Cabbage Patch Repro Clothes:  NRFP clothes titled “Garden Doll Fashions” by Totsy Toys 1982.  Fits 14-18” dolls including softina, flower kids, cabbage patch kids & preemies.

Littly Mommy Fashions for Cabbage Patch by Shillman 1983-84

     NRFP Dress/bloomers outfit for Cabbage Patch kids - county blue ginham with white sleeves & yoke, lace trim $4

     NRFP white swiss dott dress, bonnet, lace trim for Cabbage Patch preemies, newborns $3

Deluxe Redding Penny Brite Bedroom Set:
     Bedding Set - hot pink with white eyelit trim: includes pillow, canopy & bedspread $16
     Mirror for Vanity - nice & white, “mirror” still in good shape $5
     Vanity Skirt - hot pink with white eyelet trim $6
Deluxe Redding (Penny Brite) Kitchen/Dinette:
    Lime green XL round plates  (3) 4.5cm diameter $1 each
    Lime green standard plates 3cm diameter (4) $1 each
    Red/bright orange standard plates 3cm (5) $1 each
    Red clear plastic “cola” bottles (2) $2 each
    Food platters:  toast with eggs $4;   Unknown food with swiss cheese & pickle on top $4, one
         faded $2
    Platter with 3 foods - 3 small cracks $2
    Small or Medium Fry pan  & Small pot with handle tarnished $2 all
Aqua table with attached turning lazy susan.  White legs (crossbar broken & reglued) $6
    Chair/stool - yellow seat with tripod legs, back of seat missing $1
Yellow plastic dish drying basket $4

Hasbro World of Love - original dress for "Flower" VGC - one back snap needs reattached $3
    Purple pants for "Love" EC $2
    World of Love Original dress for Flower.  Pale blue flower print granny dress with pink yarn trim, ½ snap has  come unsewn at waist EC $6

Ideal Crissy Hob Nobber:  
     Skirt NM but fade stripes (not stark) with EC belt  and ivory shirt/jacket with some hint of blue tint from storage $14
Ideal Crissy shoes:
     Aqua   EC (1) $7
        GC (1) small cut on side edge $5,
        1 pair slightly faded - some mouse chews on outer edge/rim of left shoe $2
     Royal Blue EC left single (2) $4 each

Ideal Velvet shoes

     Pink T-strap  (2)  EC $ 6   
     Royal blue T-strap (4)   EC $ 8   
     Yellow T-strap  (4)  EC $   8
     Aqua T-strap $6
Ideal Kerry
     single green strap Mary Jane HTF GC (Left) $6

*****Need handmade clothing for Crissy/Velvet/Tammy/Barbie at great prices?  Check out  Dollhouse Fashion

Ideal Tammy
    ½ Moon Purse - black/red vinyl with “pearl” button closure (2) $4 each
     Pizza Party:  Weekly News - small rust spot on staple - shows a small spot on binder edge of cover o/w great $5
     Pizza Party:  Striped shirt with tassels GC small hole under armpit, yellow lightly dingy $4
     Dad & Ted red Blazer NM but entire collar is not folded down $8
     Dad & Ted Charcoal grey slacks EC $5

Ideal Rally Flatsy:
       Green jacket - no hardware $1

Ideal Fashion Flatsy Cory the Model (photo studio) - round pink trunk with red vinyl strap  $6

Ideal Cricket Sweet Treat dress: Blue cotton sailor dress for the 9” doll. Tag gone & white ribbon bow is worn $3

Mattel Sister Small Talk original dress, white vinyl skirt, hot pink& green top - belt included EC $8

Mattel Tiny Swingy: Original dress for 11” doll. White vinyl skirt & horizontal striped top (same material as TNT Francie SS) - bow attached. Has very pale pink spot on back of skirt & dark spot on front of top. $8