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Body Parts& Fixer Uppers

 FIXER UPPERS  (expect these to need a light cleaning & hair restyle)

Brunette Tutti:  all hair, dry feeling.  Nice face makeup, but some pale spots.  Body is the problem with pricks/chews to hands, feet & arms & missing tips of some fingers - arms do bend - legs do not.  Some dark mold spots within the pricks $10

Grab Bag of homemade/reproduction mix vintage era Barbie clothing  - Can fix up any size bag -price will vary  no indiviual item pictures & no item by item descriptions - sorry this is a bargain!  - $10 or less     

I have many vintage (70s)  hollow-bodied (flimsy type) clone dolls with the long, straight hair, no bangs, mostly blondes, but a few brunettes, great for displaying outfits $1 blonde, $2 brunette


BL Skipper Body 2nd issue:  Good coloring, both legs hold 3 poses.  Few pricks at ankles and cut across toes on both feet $20

Midge/Barbie Body:  Nice body with most nail polish, toes little rounded with right leg a tad shorter.  Pale ink spot on upper thigh $25

Midge/Barbie Body:  need legs?  Good torso & legs - toes rounded type.  Left arm present but all fingers/thumb gone & no right arm $10

Malibu Skipper body:  Japan body small puncture above left knee, marks/pricks at feet ankles, both legs bend $4

Fashion Queen head:  almost perfect but blue band missing - coral lips $20

Midge Head lot:  Titian Midge clean split to chin, all hair, makeup rubs; Titian Midge  underneath hair missing, makeup gone, pricks, light dents, and rough split on side of neck; Blonde Midge, hair gone freckleless , brows almost gone; as is $10

Summer Sand TNT head: hair cut in back, bangs have a slight kink in underneath layer.  Face faded, but not too bad.  Less than ½ of lashes.  Brows fading at tips, rub to lips.  Still has small amount of blush, no ER holes, green or splits. $10

TNT PJ head #1:  hair rebanded.  All lashes, all face makeup great including blush, but paled chin.  $15
Talking PJ head :  beautiful face, all lashes, bangs nice & flat - hair just cut just below shoulder length $8

Blonde Midge head:  hair cut to short bob, needs lips redone, & one brow tip.  No green or splits $8

Ballerina Barbie head:  second issue with golden hair, crown attached, few plugs missing & a trim.  Good coloring & makeup, but lips rubbed and a couple pin taps - hard to see $2