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Original Outfits/Suits

Black & White Striped Barbie Swimsuit - almost always have some of these - varying conditions  - ask  EC $14
Miss Barbie pink SS with ruffle 7 gold glitter specks - most flecks are not as sparkly as they should be & worn at breasts - no   
    runs $14
Miss Barbie Pink SS with the glitter flecks - some gone on front & run from front leg opening (under skirt) $10

TNT Barbie mesh coverup with orange trim - Some unraveling at shoulders, rest is great $5
1970 TNT Barbie SS:  hot pink/white nylon suit with cross $20

Talking Barbie - pink knit shirt - no button loop o/w EC++, no yarn fray $4
Talking Barbie (71-72 nape curl) Gold knee length coverup EC, collar silvered $186
Talking Barbie (1970 nape curl) white mesh coverup with red trim, little extra tear at one armpit EC $7

HTF Busy Barbie bodysuit - little portion of seam undone at crotch area, panty is hot pink nylon $15
Living Barbie orange coverup - GC trim worn $1, VGC+ $4

Sweet 16 yellow tank top with logo GC - dingy & stretched out some $5

BL Francie original SS, green cotton bottom  Mint $28

Miss America cape NM $8;     EC, shows slight wear $5

SL Skipper original Swimsuits - almost always have some on hand in varying conditions