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Mod Barbie Clothing

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GUAG= get ups & go

Action Accents Gift Set (1585) Sears Exclusive
     Pink Coat - VGC - soft, no stains but slight wear showing at flocked trim $9
All American Girl #3337
     Skirt - great coloring, but 2 small blue dots on front (in the red area) and a pale blue color run  spot (in the red area at side) $5
Antifreezers (1464)
    Scarf with fringe M $16
Barbie Doll Babysits (74-76) Sears Exclusive
     Baby with cloth diaper $10
     Yellow sunsuit $2
     Floral robe $2
     Floral Rug $2
     Pillow (2) $1 each
     Christening Bonnet $3
     Yellow bathtub (2) $2 each
     Yellow rectangular plate $2
     Baby Bottle large (3) $1 each
     Baby Bottle small (2) $1 each
     Yellow cup $1
Best Buy #2227 (1978)
    Sleeveless top - good elastic but straps gone.  Blue cotton with white daisy print - used in other best buy outfits $1
    Red tie-wiast overblouse with the matching red floral print sleeves $5
Best Buy #2770 (1979)
    Backless sundress with orange halter top, cotton yellow calico skirt M $12
Best Buy #3348
     Yellow nightie - has unusual beige lace instead of white EC+ $12
      Sheer yellow robe - has white lace - ribbon shows a little wear o/w EC+ $6
Best Buy #7210 (1975)
     Hat - red with white polka dots, ruffle trim EC++ $12
Best Buy #7272 1975
     Olympic skating skirt - blue metallic skirt VGC, snap loose $5
Best Buy #7814 (1974)
     Red/white dot tricot halter top - waist still gathered, but elastic dry & pants - have had legs cut off & are now shorts $8
Best Buy #7816 - 1974
     Hot pink nightie - ties at waist NM $10
Best Buy #7821 (1974)
     Jacket -cream plaid NM $12
Best Buy #7839 1974
     Veil - has one straight tear on tuille $8
Best Buy #8690 (1973)
    Floral Satin Robe M $14
Best Buy #8691 (1973)
     Red slacks with white dots M $6
Best Buy #9153 (1976) March/April 1999 BB shows 1976 fashions
     Orange/white gingham skirt, elastic good, small light spot on front EC $5
     Orange tube top EC $6
     Orange/white gingham long skirt, elastic stretched & Orange tube top, some runs in the fold over
       portion, but mainly under the arm $3
Best Buy #9157 (1976)
   Hot Pink Tricot nightgown - button missing in back, loop present $3
Best Buy #9158 (1976)
    Dress - the best known Bicentennial Best Buy - soldiers on skirt, replaced button, needs light cleaning $2
Best Buy #9419/ Beautiful Bride Doll
    Wedding gown - very pretty gown, no runs.  Satin skirt could use steaming - folds from storage.  Back snap rusted, 1 side gone EC $12
    Plastic "pearl" necklace NM $12
Best Buy Sweet 16 #9551 1976
     Beret - orange with yellow pom on top NM $8
Best Buy #9622 (1977)
    Nylon dress with blue cotton vest attached - diagonal stripes on skirt in browns EC+ $10
Blue Royalty (1469)
     Dress - great shape, but missing gold trim at neckline - has all braid & cellophane at hemline EC $16
     “Fur” jacket - “fur” is off-white with age, no stains, fur not worn - slight fade spots in blue lining , trim nice VG++ $24
     Aqua pilgrims $8
 Close-Ups (1864)
    Slip - 2 light picks, no runs, Waist looks big but I think original because elastic is perfect $10
    Slip - waist also big, but elastic still great - a few picks on front $6  
     Pantyhose - waist stretched, but elastic still has stretch - a few very minor picks $8   
Cloud 9 (1489)
   Robe  VGC - coral color nice, robe elastic nice.  light picking  $10
Country Capers (1862)
    Sweater - button loop broken EC $8
Dream Wrap (1476)
     Robe, no tie - EC++ $5
     Matching panties - elastic still good EC+ $7
Drizzle-Dash! (1808)
     Raincoat with all ring & tab closures, top tab is resewn EC $15
Fancy-Dancy (1858)
    Jacket EC+, no problems $14
Fringe Benefits (3401)
     Dress  with belt EC++ $16
Fun Flakes (3412)
     Jacket tiny repair by armpit  EC $10
     Pants - elastic perfect, but front seam above crotch repaired & back seam popped open $5
Fur Sighted (1796)
     Orange jacket missing most fur & the orange clasps - has the buttons & coat very nice $3
GUAG Airlines  73-75
     Red nylon top with striped long sleeves & neck trim, snap coming loose $3
GUAG Ballerina 1973
    Tutu GC $3
GUAG Beach ( 7788)
    Red boogie board with floral design - board has small scratches & rubs on 2 of  the 4 flowers $8
GUAG Bride 1974 #7839
     Wedding dress could use a pressing - ½ snap needs resewn - looks like it has been ironed & it left light marks on back of dress $5
 GUAG Bride 1978  #2300
     Another feminine fashion from 1978.  Pretty & unusual wedding dress - the sleeves & overlay are a sheer voile-like material with slightly shiny threads sewn throughout to  
    create an almost diamond shaped pattern  - great dress EC $10   
GUAG #9738 (1978)
     Very pretty & feminine pale pink satin gown with lace overlay skirt with irridescent running through the lace pattern.  Lace Shawl to match the overlay.  Outfit shows slight
        wear - small holes in shawl, some minor rubs in satin bodice portion, waist flower petals folded - looks nicer than it sounds. $10
Glowin’ Gold (3354)
     Pants - not perfect but VG & will display fine. Overall lightening of goldtone, but not silvered.  Some  
          small scratches at back waist , looks EC from front $6
Golfing Greats (3413)   
    Golf  Bag NM $10, EC++ $8
    Silver/Brown plastic club, no black handle $2
Good Sports (3351)
     VHTF belt - some fade on gold buckle $10
Great Coat (1459)
     Yellow vinyl coat with faux leopard trim - one tiny faint orange spot mid back & fur flattened from storage o/w EC $12
Hooray for Leather (1477)
     Vinyl Skirt EC - plush shows a little wear, colors good, elastic good $12
     Orange top EC - plush shows a little wear, has both button loops $10
Jump into Lace
     Jumpsuit - outer lace is nice with slight armpit wear.  Problem is the inner jumpsuit has come undone at part of the waist & down the front vertical seam & is fraying $8
Knit Hit (1804)
    Sheath dress - will display nicely but GC only - ortion starting to unravel at neckline & armpits reinforced with white thread $8
Lamb & Leather (1467)
    Single Boot - small tear at arch of boot, and small tear at midline, top edge trim $12 (D)
Leisure Leopard (1479)
    Leopard print suit - has one noticeable snag on yellow & 3 teeny ones & button loop stretched  $15
 Light ‘N Lazy (3339) VHTF
    Nightie top - Lightly off-white, few tiny picks $7
    Single bootie $8
Loop Scoop (1454)
    Dress VGC - Small repair mid-neck - very light soil, yarn looks very nice with minor stretching at bottom edge only $12
Night Clouds (1841)
     Robe - 2 little picks at back otherwise Mint $16
     Robe in EC - one ribbon tie broken about ½ way down $5
     Nightie - fray at flower edges and bottom of top yellow ruffle $3
Peasant Dressy (3438)
     With a little work - this will make due for the rare camisole.  Piece of eyelet material sewn into shorts - elastic waist.  Cut the crotch seam & add the 2 yellow straps & you’ll
        have a great replacement $1
Peasant Pleasant #3482
    Skirt EC+ $14
Perfect Beginnings
     Pale pink sheer petticoat NM - would be mint but elastic is rotted I think $10
Pink Premiere (1596)
    Purse, bead has torn off & is inside purse with original string $14
Pink Sparkle (1440)
    Rose brocade dotted dress, nice with 2 small light soil spots on lower front light soil at armpit $30
Shape Ups (1782)
     Red stretch heleneca leotard - couple stitches undone at front neckline & a few at back neckline, no runs, not stretched EC+ $12
     Pantyhose - no runs, couple very minor pics.  Elastic stretched & two tears from waist beside back seam  - will be under suit $4
Shirtdressy (1487)
     HTF Satin slip EC+ - both button loops,$30
     Overdress - looks NM, but one sleeve cuff seam almost completely undone & a small portion of seam undone at other sleeve cuff & one shoulder seam - pale lace
          variation (no stripes) $15
The Short Set (3481)
     Knit Top, small holes in sleeves $2
     Red vinyl lace up boots  $12
Silver 'n Satin Gift Set (1552)
     Nylon petticoat (slip) - silver bow edges starting to fray, elastic great NM $18
Silver Polish (1492)
    Yellow nylon hostess coat - great color, hook loop unused.  One small light soil spot on front silver braid & small portion of  
       braid damaged at spot also a tiny spot about 1/2" over from that & very light soil on back of one shoulder $20
Silver Sparkle (1885)
     Dress - skirt has perfect silvering, none worn, a few loose tinsils in top $20
     Dress - minor picks in skirt but no worn spots, top has some loose tinsils, mainly in back $12
Skirt Styles 1967
     Sheath skirt - yellow polished cotton EC $16
     Red skirt white pinstripe - same as international fair NM, some pleats relaxing $16
 Smasheroo (1860)
     Coat NM $18
     Dress EC - one hook missing & one loose on one end.  No belt $10
     Dress - no belt, hook loops still good, stain on one arm  $4
     Yellow textured hose HTF M $28
Sport Star
    Complete - w/ beige stars, good elastic, 1/4" rip behind arm in back $12
Suede ‘n Fur (3491)
     Coat - leopard type faux fur, very nice but top button missing and the two gold hooks are missing $12
     VHTF single gray-brown “lace up” boot $15
      RARE red bodysuit - looks like it was never on a doll.  Waist elastic perfect, clean, no runs, 2 very minor picks (not pulls), and crotch seam is undone   $80
Superstar Barbie Dramatic Black & Silver Shimmer 1977
     Black nylon boa NM $10
Sweet 16 #9555
     Long aqua floral print dress with pink bodice, white nylon sleeves -EC $10 Togetherness
     Dress - no  closure at back, slight wear $6
     Bonnet - tips of ties frayed $16
     Stockings - both have some of seam repaired with aqua thread $10
Togetherness (1842)
     Bonnet NM except ends of ties frayed $14
Underprints (1685)
     HTF white plastic garter with elastic strap - perfect elastic $5
     HTF white plastic garter with stretched strap (3) $3
Velvet Venture (1488)
    Green Velour Coat - has buttons & chain, hook resewn.  Color nice, but lining faded.  Small spot on front
         & back of coat & seams on back of armpits are worn.  Will display nicer than it sounds VGC $12
Winter Wedding (1880)
     Wedding gown - still flat, hook loops look unused, but wrist fur is lightly yellowed & neckline fur is very sparse, dress is still soft, which is    
          unusual to find $14
Winter Wow (1486)
     Pleated Skirt M $18