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Francie Clothing

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Best Buy 1978
    Red, white, blue floral print dress - this version has the white flowers - “squared” petals with  red centers in the blue fabric & blue centers in the red fabric. Needs small seam         repair where skirt ruffle attaches & has some fray on the unsewn edges $4.  Matches Skippers #2233
Checkmates (1259)
     Skirt - EC+, but button loop stretched out & one of the loops inside skirt waist is unattached at one end - small soil spot where pocket would be $10
Clam Diggers:  (1258)
    VHTF Orange sunglasses with green stripe M   $32
    Vinyl Rain Jacket EC++  $12
    Vinyl Rain Hat - 2 holes on front of brim where attached to card, green dot at back of brim  $8
The Combo (1215)
     Blue/hot pink checked knit coat NM except for a pull/small tear in the lining where the person tried to hook to the lining instead of the  
        outer thread $16
 First  Things First (1252)
     Garter Belt M except 2 front ribbons starting to fray $12
Fresh as a Daisy (1254)
      White lace bonnet - outermost edge of green edging is coming undone $14
     Tote Bag EC++ $18
Fur-Out (1262)
     VHTF Black vinyl spat boots with button closure NM $68
     Single long red knit stocking NM $12
Get Readies (1968) - same pattern as First Things First
      Pink fuzzy scale $14
     Slip - has some pink color run & small portion of seam undone at back $1
GUAG Beach (7710)
     Yellow fins $5 pair
Hi-Teen (1272)
     Shirt - NM - button loop even great $12
     Skirt - I think buckle may be resewn & belt shows light wear o/w EC+ $6
Ice Skating (7845) Get-ups 'n go HTF - color Maize
   Hat $6
   Nylon tights - dark orange, elastic is stretched, but still stretchy, two pin dot holes at top of one leg  a spot on front & back of hose (little less than pencil eraser) $3
Iced Blue (1274)
   Stockings NM $18
It's a Date (1251)
    Aqua soft pointed heels htf $22
    Dress, frayed collar & sleeve edges (2 layers coming apart) - white lightly soiled $10
Polka Dots ‘n Raindrops (1255)
     Raincoat - small light soil dot by one pocket zipper o/w NM $14
    Raincoat - one ½ snap needs resewn $7
Silver Cage (1208)
      Fishnet hose - slight fraying at tops $18
Slumber Number (1271)
     Nightie top - straps wrinkled, light soil, rest of top is EC $5
Striped Types (1243)
    Vest NM $12
Summer Frost (1276)
    Dress VGC+  $16
   Shoes $22
 Summer Number (3454)
     Skirt - looks mint but one side of yarn tie is gone - can slide existing sash through loop & you can’t tell $5
Sun Spots (1277)
     Dress - VGC - very light color run on some of the yellow spots, nice & clean $10
     Vinyl Tote - some flower petals (6) are bent $10
     Rare pink hat - this one is not nylon, but similar to vinyl?  Flowers are white cotton, but edges frayed, elastic worn - only GC, but a variation $20
Tuckered Out (1253)
     Nightgown M $14
     Night Cap with 3 flowers on top M $16
     Booties M $15
     Pink brush $1
     Pink Mirror $2