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Skipper, Tutti, Small Dolls

Skooter NMIB Cut ‘N Button Costume Set HTF:  Stock #1036, Brunette pink-tone SL Skooter with original rubber bands, ribbons, SS & shoes.. Doll has all original makeup with pink lips.  Chin a hint paled and left arm slightly paled with 2 scratches.  Box (liner included) shows minor wear, no split corners, marked “brunette“.  Includes all 3 outfits which are put together.  Pink nightgown has only one of the back attachment buttons & sundress has two pale spots on front of top (not washed).  Missing slippers and  instructions.  Nice set & Very  HTF $185     

SL Brunette Skipper:  doll has the gorgeous, very shiny chestnut hair color - very straight bangs & hair. Nice body.  Small spot on right temple treated for green, just a very light shadow remains.  Original brows & HTF lemon lips.  Blue of eyes color washed to enhance.  NM original SS $60  

SL Blonde Skipper: Doll has nice pink lips, good brows, liner on eyelid is a little worn, bright eyes.  Beautiful Platinum hair is super shiny & has a silvery cast to it - unusual color, but has two side pieces next to bangs cut a little longer than bangs - does not detract from the long portion of the hair & the headband will hide this.  Bangs a little dry.   Body EC with arms slightly darker than body & a small nick on back of one thigh $25    PENDING

Living Skipper: Hair rebanded, all makeup.  Lashes on left eye are a little bent, legs click great, left arm holds pose, right doesn’t.  Crack in butt & side seams of body aren’t glued any longer - slightly apart. $20    

Rare Pale Blonde Living Skipper:  Not perfect, but doll is hard to find!  Hair retied, not brushed, but some flyaways.  One plug missing on right hairline & a couple more thin plugs.  Most lashes present, some bent.  All makeup with a tiny scratch across one brow.  A pale spot on forehead & right cheek, no ER holes.  Overall a creamy tone complexion, not bright but not discolored.  Left leg holds only 1 pose, right leg good, only a couple of pinpricks at ankle.  Left arm good, right arm no pose.  Each arm has a spot above the elbow joint on the upper arm.  Left arm is very pale grey,  Right arm is light green.  Hair is lighter than it appears in photo - you can definitely see the color difference in person, even though it has oxidized $25     

Brunette SL Skooter:   NM Skooter with original rubberbands & bows.  All original makeup with no problems except pink lips are faded at the ends.  No problems with bod, except small inck mark on back of each elbow.  EC original 2 piece SS included. $65     

Titian SL Skooter:  Doll has rebanded titian hair with two plugs missing at same point on each hairline below bangs.  Lemon lips, white blush.  ER hole & 2 pricks by left ear.  Bangs part a little in center because of some very short hairs at the center where the rooting ends, but I believe this is factory as I have seen it on quite a few dolls with thatched parts.  Face and arms lightly tanned.  Two small dents on left hand, and small pink spot on back of right upper arm.  nude  $35     

Pink tone SL Blonde Skooter:  Perfect face, hair nice but rebanded.  Only problem with body is small place at back where hips touch torso has slightly melted upward - very minor & not affecting anything at all. She’s much cuter with the pink tone!   $50   

Blonde BL Skooter:  Doll has lemon blonde hair - missing a few plugs behind each ear, but can’t tell with it rebanded.  Lips have just a bit of paint left.  Legs sharply hold 3 poses, only problem is a split on top of each foot, one small, one about ¼".  $30      

Skooter 2nd issue Brunette SL:  Face paled with lemon lips, all makeup good.   Arms very faded with some light stains.  Good hair, just needs retied $15

Brunette Tutti:  Hair may be a little thin, has all makeup, but some fade spots under hair.  Body has problems:  pricks all over the arms & feet/ankles.  One finger missing and 4 finger tips missing.  One arm partially holds pose, rest no pose $10