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Francie, Casey Dolls


**dolls sold nude unless otherwise indicated            **** CLICK ON PICTURES TO SEE FULL-SIZE, CLICK AGAIN TO RETURN TO PAGE

Brunette Short Flip Francie: Brunette hair needs restyle, nice & soft.  Missing 4-5 plugs of lashes on outer right eye & a lower lip rub to her candy pink lips.  Left leg holds 2 poses, right doesn’t bend & has 3 light green spots above knee $70     

Blonde Short Flip Francie: beautiful face with the bright watermelon lips, all makeup & lashes.  She had pins in her ears & has a very, very pale green at the ears - baby pea size.  Face is evenly faded with a hint of yellow - really not bad.  Three brown spots on left wrist.  Some pricks at ankles/feet & a hole at side of each ankle where you can see the mechanism, slightly grey at knees.  One leg holds 3 poses, one holds 2, but both click sharply $55      

Blonde TNT Francie:  Cute doll with fading to the face with hint of yellow tone, but she‘s actually very pretty & sweet looking.  Very pale grey tinge at left ear & 3 ER pricks at each ear.  All lashes, cotton candy pink lips with slight rubs at lip bow, little bit of blush. Blonde hair, long with slight flip up - hair lays nicely, silkier than usual, bangs lay flat.  Body has good coloring, legs click extra sharp.  Each leg where it joins the torso has a tiny split (level with crotch area).  Mechanism is slightly protruding from bottom of left foot & a tiny split extension.  She looks different than the others $65        

Growin' Pretty Hair Francie:        Pretty doll with all lashes, makeup with pink lips, and blush.  Very slight paling to face, no yellow.  All hair, still light blonde, but grow piece does not retract.  Good body with no pricks, some pale spots on one upper thigh, and both legs hold 2 poses.  $50


Francie reproduction dolls:  Hollow body with Francie body size - cute & great for display.   $5 each