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Mod Barbie & Barbie Sized Friends

**dolls sold nude unless otherwise indicated          **** CLICK ON PICTURES TO SEE FULL-SIZE, CLICK AGAIN TO RETURN TO PAGE

NMIB Supersize Barbie: Box has smashed upper right front corner.  Doll still attached at waist inside box, all accessories unopened in package.  No dirt has gotten inside of box $90     PENDING SALE

TNT Blonde Flip #2:  Nice full hair still in original flip with only a few flyaways.  No ER holes, no green, all lashes.  Face lightly faded, but not discolored in any way - matches the body.  Light blush.  Small retouch on the lips.  Nails have 100% nonfaded coral polish.  Both legs click sharply, left holds 2 poses, right holds 3.  Left ankle has a very small light green dot & there are several tiny light green specks on the upper thighs (8 total).  $115     

Auburn TNT Flip 1971: Auburn hair still in original flip.  Spitcurl needs recurled.  Left eye has 2-3 plugs missing & slightly bent.  All makeup with bright pink lips & hint of blush.  Very slight pricks at ear.  Two fad spots at back under hair.  Body is nice. Arms have good color.   Legs click & hold 2 poses.  Each leg has some very pale green fade spots at outside edge of leg - canít see from front & they are small.  No pricks, but small tear on top of right foot. $90    

Auburn TNT Flip #2: Auburn hair in original flip.  Thinner spitcurl type, but all there.  No lashes on right eye & ER hole at each ear.  Watermelon/pink lips retouched at edges.  Face has paled a little, but evenly & with a pretty creamy complexion with no yellow tones.  Left leg holds 2 poses, right leg no bend and 2 small, pale green spots on back of each upper thigh, no pricks. $75     

TNT Barbie:  brownette hair color - no gray tone.  Bangs have possible trim.  Just a few lashes remain on left eye.  One brow is faded, the other the tip is faded.  Lower lip rub, still has blush.  Single ER hole each ear, no green.  Good peach color.  Legs click softly, left holds 2 poses, right holds 3.  No pricks or green, but lower legs show fading from about the knee down & a small horizontal split on each foot - right foot extends onto side of foot $45   

Living Barbie Titian:  Titian doll has the paler red hair with the peach colored lips.  She has all makeup including blush & all her super long lashes (with a couple bent on left eye).  Nice body, left leg holds 3 poses, right holds 2, arms pose.  Some pricks at ankles & light melt mark at left shoulder $40

Malibu Barbie #1: Japan doll, hair lays nicely, just starting to split at ends.  Good face, dark blush, single green speck in front of left ear.  Legs hold 2 poses - minor pricks at ankles $15  

Malibu Barbie Taiwan:  Taiwan doll with the suntan lines (scratched) and the heavy makeup.  Nice thick hair, both legs hold 3 poses $15

Malibu Barbie #2: Head & body marked Japan There is a pale pink spot in mid-back of hair (barely noticeable) & 3 plugs of hair missing at bottom/back layer of hair, ends starting to split & also dry at part.  Edge of left ear has a pale spot, all makeup with peach lips.  Left leg holds 3 poses, right two weakly.  Several pricks at ankles & 2nd toe tip nipped on left foot $8  

TNT Stacey:  Blonde doll has hair retied with a little frizz at part.  Good makeup with tiny rubs at edges.  All lashes with a little bend.  Good body, both legs hold 3 poses $70

Walk Lively Steffie:  Doll with brunette flip, peach lips, all lashes.  Walking mechanism works.  Tiny melt mark on back, melt mark across butt & where legs meet butt.  Pricks & small cuts at ankles (mainly at sides so you don't see from front) & 2 light cuts at right knee.  Both legs click great, all toes, no green.  Wearing NM HTF nylon print jumpsuit $70

TNT nurse Julia:  doll has the beautiful reddish/maroon hair color.  Doll's hair is very unique - is extra rooted at the top so she has the tallest hair I've seen on a Julia.  Beautiful face with all makeup and lashes.  Body nice with both legs holding three poses.  Dent in right breast & some very, very slight dings at each ankle.  $60

TNT PJ: Bright face with all makeup & lashes & nice, shiny hair is rebanded.  TNT body is nice, left leg holds 2 poses, right 3.  Just a couple minor pricks at ankles/feet.  Very, very pale grey at knees & 3 pale lines on back of upper thighs. $50    

Live Action PJ:  Pretty doll has all makeup with peach lips & all lashes.  Nice  hair - no beads or braids.  Nice body but legs don't hold pose.  $25