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Vintage Barbie & Midge Dolls

** dolls sold nude unless otherwise indicated                           **** CLICK ON PICTURES TO SEE FULL-SIZE, CLICK AGAIN TO RETURN TO PAGE

Titian American Girl:  $275     

Wheat Blonde American Girl:  shiny golden wheat blonde haircolor.  Nice full hair lies right at jawline, super thick bangs.  Face looks perfect with dark makeup, lips are a pinky-flesh color.  There are some pinpricks at the ears, all small.  Some minor pricks at jawline & some very tiny pricks at cheeks (have to really look to find some of  these) Not noticeable on display at all.  1966 Body   Both legs bend, left holds 2 poses, right 3, right hip pulled & some chew marks around right toes (pump will cover & is not too bad.   Much coral polish remains on nails.  .   $220     

Sidepart Bubble:  Lemon blonde, all original makeup, lemon lips. Darkness at ears from green ear treatment with Tarnex is my guess (done by previous owner).  Trade from European customer.   $200

Fashion Queen #2: No headband, small amount of headrubs - nothing major.  Huge coral lips have a couple small scratches, non-faded; single rub to each lash ridge.  Bright makeup coloring, no green, head has softer vinyl than most.  On EC+ M/B body $50    

Lemon Reverse Bubble: Doll on M/B body has lemon hair, not the shiny super light type, but she’s a reverse bubble - bubble sweeps left to right.  Brows are a pale matching golden color.  Lash ridges retouched, lips are a brighter candy pink but have rubs.  No green - one ER hole a little extended.  Body has light play scratches & tiny hole in right breast. Scratch on left ankle & Left big toe tip looks slightly chipped.  $90    

Lemon Bubble:  Doll has smokey shadow and big original pink lips which have faded and edges turning white with only very slight rubs.  She has some marks under her chin/jaw line and one on the cheek - light dents.  Also a teeny tear at side of neck rim.  M/B body, one lower leg is swayed in $45     

1961 Jet Bubble:  drop dead original doll.  Full black hair sweeps to the side. Brown brows, hint of aqua liner & full lucy red lips.  Face is not greasy & has only a bit of shine by eyes & nose.  Barbie body with about 60% red nail polish, 40% toes.  Only problem she has is a tiny split on the inside neck rim - does not show outside, does not show evidence of splitting.  No green ever $115     

Jet Black Bubble  #2: Unusual doll, but with a few minor flaws.  Unusual because the doll is on a M/B body & has the chubbier face, yet red lips.  Biggest problem is that she has some small places of hair trim at mid back of hair so that she has the appearance of a true double bubble.  She has some pinpricks under hair at back of neck & one prick by eye (like a tear duct).  One ER hole slightly extended & a very pale hint of green in each.  Great looking face with lash ridges retouched.  She has the smokey color brows & red lips have small rub at upper edge.  Nails could use a retouch   $60      

Ash Blonde Bubble: Nice full sideswept bubble.  Doll has tiny lash ridge retouch on right.  Coral lips are fuller type and have some light rubs at upper lip edge. Several pricks (not holes) at right ear - single hole at left.  M/B body with minor dings/dents at back of wrists $75      

1961 Butterscotch Bubble:  1961 Barbie body with pink nails from original owner this way.  Doll has the thin face, darker eyes, but smaller pink lips of 1962 dolls & no grease.  Lips a little rubbed at edges.  Nice doll with all 10 toes painted and you can still see pink nostril dots $80     

1961 Brunette Bubble: Doll has the super tight & firm hair, unplayed with.  However, she has the smaller peach lips which have edge rubs.  Eyes & brows are good with no retouch to lash ridge.  Single ER hole at each ear.  Right ear has a very, very faint greyness just around the ER hole - so faint you may not even notice it.  Nose tip has a teensy nip.  Barbie body has pink nails, right arm swingy at down position.  Rounded toes.  Faint blue spot on back of right arm and back of left knee $55      

Brunette Bubble #2:  Nice clean M/B body, nails RT.  Hair sweeps to the side for that side part look.  Bright eyes, medium size watermelon lips, all makeup original.  Only flaw is a pinprick at each temple under hair (someone attached a veil with pins) & each has a pinhead size of very pale, pale green (have not tried to remove). $70      

Brunette Bubble #3.  Big full bubble with good brows & bright eyes.  Lips need redone & looks like they have two pinholes in center/lower lip and a prick at left corner.  M/B body has rounded toes & some small dings/dents at left foot & one on right foot $50    


BL Titian Midge:  This doll has the fully rooted hair, shorter type in a curled under bob, but she has very unusual bangs that have a big curl under - they reach all the way to the tip of the nose when pulled flat. No headband & back portion of the part is not thatched.  All original makeup with watermelon lips.  AG body with raised "made in Japan".  Both legs hold 3 poses.  One ankle has 3 pricks, other has 6.  One little prick on back of one upper thigh, and one little dent/hole inside one leg under knee.  Right hip pulled a little, no swing & stance not affected.  $160     

Brunette SL Midge: Hair in original set with a few flyaways, curl fairly tight - right at jawline.  Bangs have the slight curl, no part.  A prettier Midge with the taupe freckles & brows (instead of brown), pretty eyes, coral lips all there, but a bit faded at one end.  M/B body has all nail polish & some polish remains on each toe.  Only problem with body are some tiny ink dots in various places  - none on front side. $50